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How do I Get a Body Rub With a Happy Ending Massage in California

A: I have been to numerous massage parlours (mostly in my old town), and I have had good luck of having a happy ending every time.

Should you ask outright if she’ll give on a happy ending massage?

Well, that depends. Do you want to stop at handjob or do you want to go further?

Although I agree that it’s much better to ask in advance, I think that masseuses are accustomed to requests for handjobs and they know that it’s a part of their job to make their clients happy.

So, don’t worry too much about it. Even if you play along, you’ll do just fine.

Should you give her subtle hints?

Well, let me walk you through what happens when you go for a sexual massage near me.

Firstly, the masseuse will ask you to take your clothes off, and get naked. Then, she’ll make you sleep and wrap a towel around your waist, and give you a great massage on your back. Once that’s done, she’ll ask you to turn-over. As soon as you turn, she’ll gently massage your legs, and without seeking your permission, she’ll just go for it. (Happens most of the time. Trust me) 🙂

Since these masseuses are real professionals, they’ll lube you up and give you probably the best sexual body rubs nearby that you’ve ever had.

So, coming back to your question– no hints are required. But, if you want to put things across table, sure, go ahead. Most of the times she’ll agree, but if she’s uncomfortable doing it, don’t push it further.

Should I tip her well if she gives you a dick massage?

Sure. Definitely. Tip her well, and she’ll remember you the next time. That way you’ll be treated in a much better way when you visit her again.

I generally tip 11-16%, but, you can go on and give an even more generous tip. It goes on to show how much you appreciate her efforts.

Should I accidentally touch her?

Ah! Well, I wouldn’t do that. Masseuses are very professional when it comes to their work, and everyone has their own boundaries. You should not make her feel uncomfortable with your touches as that would seriously put her off. If you want things to heat up, it’s much better to discuss all your dirty fantasies upfront.

If you want to read what a real-life experience of how things work behind the curtains, read this honest take by a guy on What It’s Like to Get a Happy Ending Massage. He describes the whole experience perfectly.

A: There are some things at play here. First is that anyone can go to a local ‘rub n" tug‘ massage parlour, but the massage is nowhere near as good, and there"s no thrill of the chase.
So too with the ultra legitimate centres in which the therapists have letters after their name. You need to find somewhere in the middle, that, if a centre isn"t tucked away in a sleazy lane.
In my experience, it can be hit and miss, but many therapists will give an all-over.
1. The full body rub nearest me will rarely happen on the first time. If you think your therapist is capable, make sure you get her name so that you can ask for her next time.
2. Never ask ‘what do I take off" – always take all your clothes off, lie face down and put the towel over you. If you ask the question first, and the answer is ‘leave just your underwear" it"s officially game over.
3. A giveaway is always how they manage the towel. If they are extremely careful with how it"s placed, it"s not a good sign. If they expose your bum fully to massage it, that"s great. Same goes for when you are asked to turn over. If they are fine with you doing so in full view, that"s excellent.
4. Touch is always another good indicator. If they cock massage your inner thighs and go close to your penis (or even brush past) it"s looking good. Be sure that you spread your legs slightly to facilitate further closeness.
5. I have it on good authority from therapists that most guys don"t get erections right up until touch time. I"m the same. Don"t worry if this is the case, it won"t harm your chances.
6. It"s not uncommon to be asked for an additional fee for a getting jerked off. My advice is to always have an amount such as $25 spare in your wallet. If you only have a $60 note good luck with getting change 🙂
7. If you do strike it lucky, keep the noise down. Most therapists do this under extreme secrecy and could lose their job if found out. Discretion ensures a return visit.
8. I also agree with another respondent who advised not to touch your therapist. A massage should be one-way – keeping it so will not cause any awkwardness. Just lay back and enjoy.
From experience, in this game you lose more than you win. And once you do go a few times to the one therapist, the challenge is on to find someone new.

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Q: Hey guys and gals. I have also fantasized about this and recently been more interested in seeking a happy ending penis massage from an MT then ever. I contemplated on, escorts and was minutes away from going through with it but red flags popped up for me and I cancelled.

So I decided I"d rather receive a great massage with skilled hands and chase/hope for a H.E. I know my chances are much more slim than say a local massage parlours or escort service, but I know it is possible too. I also understand that a lot of RMT are against this idea and think it"s degrading. I respect this opinion and would never want a therapist who is NOT into this idea feel uncomfortable.

However, I feel like those who ARE interested for either their own desires and sexual fantasies and extra money (if there is a good tip agreed upon) will give hints….I think?

So I am constantly subconscious of those who seem like there"s a chance and aware about those who aren"t. I usually feel this out through conversation and touch or I at least try to seek hints.

My current situation: I met this massage therapist for the first time and she did a wonderful job working the full body, non sexual. However I did become erect when she was rubbing the pecs and head.( this is normal according to multiple resources even without sexual thought). I decided I would see how far I can test the waters without being disrespectful so I had a bit of heavier breathing and squirming a bit as her touch felt so good, and to let her know I was feeling it in every part of my body.

I am certain she was aware of this and it was quite evident what was happening to me. Towards the end she suggested she was going to end massage 5 min early so I can “take my time getting off the table, no rush”. I wondered if she was insisting to take care of business when she left. I never had a therapist say this before.

Second session: I felt like I knew there was a chance of getting my sexual fantasy met with this therapist and wanted to test the waters a bit further. I suggested I have a glutes massage for 2 reasons…

A) I never had one and was curious

B) figured this may get her more comfortable with my body.

She suggested I remove all clothing so she can work without an obstacles in the way. She did this massage wonderfully and really worked my legs, back and glutes (buttocks). Surprisingly I never got an boner massage with this part.

During the conversation and seeking more info about her she disclosed that she is a massage therapist for a ball team and mentioned how the players prefer the “pleasure massages”. I never thought about it and assumed she meant relaxing and not working on sore bodies. In hindsight I wonder if this was a invitation or info to say I do other things.

She decided to start working the back of my neck and traps. Rubbing and massaging very nicely. This was getting me a bit excited. The thing she done next is what really turned me on.

She took her nails and lightly started stroking the back of my neck and through my hair. This brought me to full blown erection and the feeling was amazing. It had every part of my sexy bodyrub aroused . I began to squirm, breath a bit heavier and clinch sheets as I was so worked up. She continued. I had to put my hands under myself and adjust my package. She saw all of this and she most likely felt my energy in the room.

When she was ending the bodyrub massage, Again she said she"d give me 6 min to get off the table. And said “ do you need help rolling over” (from stomach to back). I was such in aroused state I could barely talk she took it as I was good. Was she genuinely helping trying to roll over or thinking something else?

Am I OVER THINKING THIS? or are all my suspected signs of interest to enter a fantasy world becoming close to a reality?

A: It really depends on the place and style of massage that you go to. For example a traditional massage place typically wont offer H.E (happy ending) just because they hire all licensed people and that could ruin peoples lives if caught. I would recommend a Asian massage parlor in my area (AMP). Where the only reason they are in business is because they do H.E. is a good map for them.

Put in your city state and it will upload AMP in your area and show reviews. Granted its a pay to play kinda deal with the reviews but the you don"t need to pay just look for the one that is number one. I"m a very straight forward dude, I typically flip point then see the response. Payment depends on the extent of services you got. Ranging from 50 to 225 depending what they offer and what you purchase.

A: Interesting question – getting a happy ending massage is a mix of a science and an art. I can give you some general principles but you would need to improvise on the fly.

I generally chat up the girl while she is massaging my back. Treat her like a normal girl, ask her if she likes her job, does she have a boyfriend etc.

All this time, keep imagining her naked so that you have a crazy hard on. You could pop a Viagra before you go in for the massage if you find it difficult getting hard in a new environment body rub. When she flips you over, act all embarrassed and say that her sensual touch made you hard.

If you are quite hard, it"ll be tough for her to ignore and if she does offer extras, she will get on the job straight away. Using this technique, I"ve got numerous happy endings and a quite a few full services. At the end, tip her well (say 70 to 90 bucks) so she"s happy. The real fun happens the next time when you visit her. You completely skip the farce of the massage and get to taste those juicy melons.

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